Accident prompts WB Road Review

Police and the National Roads
Authority are reviewing the accident history along West Bay Road to determine
if changes need to be made to the road.

The review follows a serious
accident there two weeks ago when a 60-year-old female tourist was knocked down
as she was crossing the road. She remains in critical condition in

A police spokesperson said police
were undertaking “an analysis of the accident locations/history on the road and
the results of that analysis will determine what, if any, safety improvements
should be recommended and implemented”.

Police said they had also stepped
up patrols along West Bay Road to combat traffic offenders.

Brian Tomlinson, managing director
of the National Roads Authority said the Traffic Advisory Panel met on
Wednesday and made some recommendations for consideration by Cabinet.

The panel is made up of Kearney
Gomez, Mr. Tomlinson and Police Commissioner David Baines.  

The American tourist was crossing
West Bay Road near the Strand around 7pm on 20 April when she was hit by a vehicle.
She fell onto the windshield of the vehicle and was thrown into the opposite
lane, into the path of an on-coming car.

The male driver of the vehicle that
struck the woman was arrested on suspicion of dangerous driving and later
released on police bail.

Police say enquiries into the
accident are continuing.


  1. I live and work on the West Bay Road and I’ve seen no increase in police presence in the area. And I have actually witnessed vehicles driving recklessly with police in the area and the police doing nothing about it. I try and support our local police force but all I seem to witness with them is a lack of motivation to do the job and an unwillingness to change. However the RCIP are very good at hiding behind bushes and telling children not to double up on bicycles and catching old ladies and tourists going 30mph in a 25 mph zone.

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