Math fair winners are awarded

 Budding mathematicians let their
creativity flow at the St. Ignatius Mathematics Fair.

Earlier this year 7 and year 8
students were challenged create unique, innovative projects relating to math
and math related topics.

The end result was a variety of
award winning projects ranging from board games to models demonstrating popular
math problem solving concepts.

  KPMG donated all the prizes with several
projects tying for first, second, third and fourth places.

 1st place honours went to Tristan
Smith, Simon Watler, Max kazakov, Taureen Cox,Kory McLean, and Veronic St. Cyr
who all received a $50 book voucher from books and books.

Tying for 2nd
place, winners of a $30 dollar voucher were Stephane Gunby,Stephen Davis, Jared
Stewart,Felipe Airey-Franco,David Rivers,Abigail Onfroy, and Kayla Elliot.

And 3rd
place prize winners Zach Parham, Kalem Mullen, Dominic De Mercado, Ryan Van Der
Bol and Henry Connor took home a $15 voucher.