Today’s Editorial for May 7: Hidden cameras a good idea

North Side residents – and the
people who go there for fun and sun on the weekends – can soon expect to have
their movements monitored by closed circuit television cameras.

North Side MLA Ezzard Miller last
month signed a contract to get the secret cameras up and running in a move to
stem some of the crime and anti-social behaviour in the Eastern Districts.

He was quoted as saying the cameras
are going up because police can’t be everywhere at all times. He’s right.

When police are successful in
making arrests, they are often stymied by unwilling witnesses in their efforts
to lay charges.

It is believed that the cameras,
which will be able to read car licence plates, will help police in identifying

We commend Mr. Miller and the North
Side District Council for being the first district to make a positive move in
pushing for the cameras. Other districts should take note and follow suit.

While we believe the cameras will
be good at detecting criminals they can also be used to catch people who toss
trash out of their windows when driving the roads of North Side.

The North Side Beautification
Committee does have trash barrels placed throughout the district for drivers to
throw away their unwanted garbage, but many who live in and visit the district
ignore the waste bins and toss their waste instead onto the side of the road.
It’s very unsightly for those who live and visit there.

The surveillance system, which is
to be installed in the district soon, will include cameras, recording equipment
and monitoring devices.

The number of cameras and placement
of the surveillance equipment is being kept from the public for obvious
reasons, but police and the equipment installers have already surveyed the
districts to determine where the cameras should be placed.

Those entering the district will be
notified of the cameras via signs near Frank Sound and on the Queen’s Highway.
The signs and equipment are being paid for by the council, but donations from
North Side households are being sought to help with expenses.