Voters offer MLA suggestions

Voters in the Sister Islands are
adamant that one of the new Member of the Legislative Assembly seats should go
to them.

The other two, they suggest, should
go to North Side and East End giving each of those districts two MLAs instead
of the current one.

And in Bodden Town voters meeting
with the Electoral Boundary Commission say their district is one of the fastest
growing, along with George Town, and that there should be a shift in electoral

The three-member Electoral Boundary
Commission is holding meetings in all districts of the Cayman Islands to review
the boundaries of the existing electoral districts and to make recommendations
to the Governor and the Legislative Assembly regarding any changes to the
number of electoral districts in the Cayman Islands and the boundaries of the districts.

The new constitution requires three
additional elected members to be added to the Legislative Assembly, bringing
the total to 18 members, but these new positions cannot be added until the commission
rules from which voting districts they should come.

Nine people showed up at the Bodden
Town meeting, including Bodden Town MLAs Anthony Eden and Mark Scotland, “but
it was by far one of the most productive discussions,” said Commission Chairman
Carl Dundas.

He said what was needed was an
equal distribution of electors in each constituency and no constituency should
have more than 150 to 200 voters in difference from other constituencies.

This, he said, would be fair to
parliamentary candidates and would take into account existing and natural

Commission members said they will speak
with the Census committee and Planning Department to get an idea of the shift in
population and those building in different areas.

 “Just look at where the population has moved,”
said Steve McField. “Far as I know, the demographic movement shows the vast
movement of population has been in the Savannah and Bodden Town areas.” 

Commissioner Adriannie Webb asked if
the group thought a constituency should be built between Bodden Town and George

Mr. McField said if that was the
case it should be a single member constituency.

There were eight people at the
Little Cayman meeting – three from the Island and five from Grand Cayman – and
eight from Cayman Brac.

They requested that the law be
changed so that the three new MLAs are chosen by districts and not by

The work of the commission is
expected to take three to six months, and will be subject to public consultations.