Roach by name and she also swims like a fish now

You don’t have to be Olympic level
to do an open water swim. Andrea Roach is a prime example of that. She is
rapidly making a name for herself as a long distance swimmer with boyfriend
Alex Harling.

They recently swam the six miles
across North Sound and five miles from Cayman Brac to Little Cayman.

Yet this time last year Roach was
quite happy to be a spectator having not swam since her school days. Roach by
name and by nature it seems, only she isn’t all scaly.

“I learnt to swim at school but
only played in the water until last June,” she says. “The only reason I started
swimming seriously was because I wanted to surf.

“I signed up for a surfing camp in
Costa Rica and realised I needed to learn to swim to be on a surfboard. That’s
when I started training.

“I had a good friend who said we
live on beautiful island and we should start doing sea swims. We started doing
short sea swims of quarter of a mile every week. It was really hard for us.”

They built up from once a week to
twice a week and longer distances.

It still doesn’t explain how she
built up to spend many exhausting hours doing the big swims.

“I fell into the wrong crowd, I
suppose!” she jokes. “It just happened.”

She is so petite yet must be
incredibly strong. “I conjured the sea god!”

A teacher at a Montessori school,
Roach is becoming a hero to the kids and inspiring them to follow suit. “First,
I tell them to just think about finishing and then they can think about winning.”