Yu-Gi-Oh! qualifier

card fans take note, The Cayman Yu-Gi-Oh! Open World Championship Qualifier is
being held at the Game Shack, Saturday, 22 May.

Shack, the official Konami tournament store of the Cayman Islands, is
staging the tournament from noon until 5pm.

by Konami Digital Entertainment, the competition aims to pit the best of the
best Yu-Gi-Oh! Players will duel against each other in a series of games to
find an overall winner for Grand Cayman.

winner of the first competition of its kind locally will earn an all-expenses
paid trip (airfares/accommodation) to the Yu-Gi-Oh! Central American
Continental Championship in Mexico on 20 June.

to the Game Shack’s owner, Mr. Wilkins, three runners up will also be invited
to Mexico but will have to pay their own way.

top four runners up will each receive a Regional Championship 2010 card binder.
 The top eight getWorld Championship
Qualifier 2010 game mats and the top 16 runners up will each take home a pack
of World Championship Qualifier 2010 card sleeves.

those that do not place will each receive five booster packs of The Shining Darkness.

 “We’re hoping for a good turnout,” Mr. Wilkins

is such a popular game worldwide and it will be great to have someone from
Cayman representing the Islands at the Central American Continental Championship
next month,” he added.

are no age restrictions, but children younger than 12 must be accompanied by a
parent or guardian.

the Game Shack can hold up to 20 players, pre-registration is required by no
later than 20 May. To pre-register, call 943-GAME, or e-mail [email protected]
stating name, address, telephone number and age.

Wilkins explained that if interest was high he would try and book an
alternative venue. 

is also important because] there are policy guidelines, tournaments rules and
penalty guidelines which every entrant should be familiar with before the
event,” he added.

hope [the qualifier] will become a regular fixture on the Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship

a warm up, the Game Shack is inviting players to the store this Saturday, 15
May between 12 and 5pm for a casual event. The pre-qualifier event is for
players to “come down and play with their friends or other players there and
gain some valuable duelling experience, in readiness for the main event the
following weekend,” Mr. Wilkins said.

participate in the 22 May event, each player must $22.50, the price of five
booster packs.

A beginners’ guide to Yu-Gi-Oh!

which means game king in Japanese, is a card game that was developed by Konami
in 1999.

is based on the fictional game of duel monsters created by comic artist Kazuki
Takahashi, which is the main plot device in his popular comic Yu-Gi-Oh!
animated series.

Yu-Gi-Oh! trading card game, often shortened TCG, was named the top selling trading
card game by Guinness World Records™ last year, having sold over 22 billion
cards worldwide.

cards and rules of the fictional game are entirely subservient to the plot of
the story, and so they cannot be made into an actual trading card game without

player begins with a set number of life points; official rules designate 8,000
and a deck of cards, which should contain 40-50 cards.

higher level play involves smaller, more compact decks to maximise the chances
of getting the cards a player needs and to employ strategies. A turn-based duel
ensues in which players use cards representing monsters, spells (previously
known as magic), and traps to combat their opponents.

can place monsters in either face up attack or face down defense position and
each attack position monster can attack once per turn. By successfully
attacking and destroying the opponent’s monsters, players can damage the opponent’s
life points unless the monster attacked is in defense mode.

can also damage the opponent’s life points by damaging to certain cards, or
attacking directly, which can be done through the effects of certain cards, or
if the opponent has no monsters on the field.

duel is won by fulfilling one of the various conditions:

The opponent’s life points are reduced to 0 (which is the most common
way of defeating).

The opponent is unable to draw a card from their deck during their draw
phase due to a card effect or because the deck is empty.

Fulfilling the conditions for automatic victory given by some cards, for
example, collecting all five pieces of Exodia the Forbidden One.

The player surrenders/scoopes by saying “I give up” and picking up the


Yu-Gi-Oh! was named the top selling trading card game in the world by Guinness World Records™ last year, having sold over 22 billion cards worldwide.
Photo: Elphina Magona