Teachers get a day off

Government school teachers will get
an extra day off on Tuesday 15 June as part of Teacher Appreciation Day.

The educator holiday was announced
by Education Minister Rolston Anglin, during a recent reception
to honour Cayman Brac teachers.

“We thought long and hard about
what we could do to really say thanks to our educators,” Mr. Anglin said. “We
came up with many wonderful ideas, but we finally decided on the day off after
considering feedback we had received during our recent school visits.”

 After hearing the announcement, the teachers
seemed at first stunned by the sentiment. But they applauded heartily as the
Minister assured them that the holiday would be granted prior to the end of the
school year.

The reception was
part of the Ministry’s month-long celebration of Cayman Islands’ educators. A
similar reception has been scheduled
for Thursday, 27 May, to honour Grand Cayman’s educators.


  1. Classic diversion tactic, giving us a day off in the hopes that we don’t complain to much when they cut our salaries by 3.2%. I’d rather work the days as stated on my contract and get paid what it states on my contract, you ain’t fooling me.

  2. I believe being a "teacher" is the most noble profession on earth. It may be frustrating or the salaries may not be the best and you may not see the results….. (by the way, i am not a teacher; my wife is)..but know that you are sowing seeds that sometimes takes years to germinate. I was read a short poem which has stayed with me for years:
    "No written word, nor spoken plea, can teach young minds waht men should be; nor all the books on all the shelves, but what the teachers are themselves".

  3. Well said fauntleroy. Time spent with media, posh reception, day off = don’t complain about 3.2% paycut. Much rather be able to make ends meet and stop living paycheck to paycheck. A removal of 3.2% COLA after waiting 3 years for its promised delivery and then the cost of living since 2008 has gone up so that food, utilities and gas are all much more expensive = more like a 10% cut in real terms. Honour our contracts if you want to value us!

  4. There are 20 trade union for teachers on most Caribbean islands. They have a Caribbean Union of teachers which is a federation of those unions – they have recently held their 4th annual conference in Jamaica. Cayman needs a Teacher Association (as Trade Unions are against the law in Cayman) to represent teachers’ (and their students’) interests and to be in face-to-face communications with the Ministry to have meaningful value applied to educators. The CICSA dilutes and negates teacher voices whether it intends to or not.

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