Penalties for cheats

Penalty-takers will no longer be
allowed to halt at the end of their run-ups to try to fool the goalkeeper.

The International Football
Association Board has decided it is “unsporting behaviour” and made it a yellow
card offence in time for the World Cup.

“Feinting in the run-up to take a
penalty kick to confuse opponents is permitted,” said FIFA’s general secretary
Jerome Valcke.

“However, feinting to kick the ball
once the player has completed his run-up is now considered an infringement.”

If players do feint at the end of
their run-up and then score, they will have to take the kick again.

The IFAB has also de-cided to give
more power to the fourth official

The fourth official, who normally
oversees substitutions, off-pitch behaviour and match management, will now be
allowed to rule on on-pitch incidents to “assist the referee to control the

“Today he’s as important as the
other officials on the field,” said Valcke.


Penalty cheats will be exposed.
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