Windies don’t care

West Indies let themselves down
again in the World Twenty20 series, even though they were on home soil.

Captain Chris Gayle made all the
usual noises beforehand about how they were going to win the tournament in
style and restore some pride to the region. Really? They failed abysmally, of
course. They didn’t even make the semis, crushed by the Aussies who used it as
a practice match.

It is 15 years now since the
commencement of their decline and just when we think they’ve reached rock
bottom they always find a way of mucking things up further.

Against Australia there was
absolutely no resistance. It was as if they were resigned to losing even before
the first ball and thoughts of downing Red Stripe instead of extra net
practice. Professional sportsmen are supposed to show some desire to win. These
pampered millionaires have let wealth and fame take priority over commitment
for far too long. It’s no use picking others who with the right attitude. Even
if the desire is there, their ability will let them down even worse than this
sorry bunch.

Hopefully, one day a West Indies
team intent on winning rather than enjoying the trappings will help restore
that missing pride.

In the current series against South
Africa expect more deplorable displays along with the occasional flash of

It is now the West In-dies way and
– sadly – could last another 15 years. Or more.