Cayman Classic heats up

Competition in the Cayman Classic
Series, presented by Karin Awe of Cayman Insurance Centre, is heating up. The
second event in the series, a 45-mile road race, took place on Sunday 9 May.
With over 40 cyclists taking part, the event boasted a strong field, including
seven women and four juniors.

After the first event in the series
the previous week, Steve Abbott held the lead in the open division, a mere
three points ahead of Michele Smith in second, who in turn held a two point
lead over Michael Stomps.

Toni Pinkerton held the lead in the
ladies division, followed by Pam Travers three points behind and Sarah
Superfine another two points behind in third.

Among the juniors Toby Sutton held
the lead over Michael Testori and Julian Johnson, while Laurent Weber led the
masters over Chris Sutton and John Broad.

The event started at Grand Harbour,
and for the first part of the route out to Bodden Town the group maintained a
manageable pace, with all cyclists staying together. However, the attacks
started soon after, and by the first sprint point in Cottage the pace was high,
with Smith taking maximum points in the open division, followed by Abbott and
Jerome Begot. Pinkerton led the way for the women, followed by Travers and
Caroline Cahill, with Weber beating Chris Sutton and Douglas Elliott to the
line in the masters division. The competition in the junior division was very
hot, with relative newcomer Testori managing to beat Toby Sutton to the line,
with another newcomer, Alex McCallum, taking third.

At the second sprint past the Reef
Resort a small group had managed to break from the field, with the sprint
ending in a dead heat between Martin van Zyl and Dennis Brooks, followed by
Michael Stomps in third. Testori again managed to pip Toby Sutton for the
points in the junior division, followed by McCallum in third. Travers managed
to take maximum points among the women, with Cahill in second and Pinkerton in
third. Chris Sutton took maximum points in the masters division, with Weber
having to settle for second place and Elliott in third again.

By the third sprint at the Frank
Sound fire station, Jasper Mikkelsen had established a solo break-away, and
crossed the line first for maximum points, with Smith taking second over Abbott
in third.

Toby Sutton beat Testori into
second place in the junior division, with McCallum in third, while Travers led
the way for the women, followed by Cahill and Pinkerton. Weber was again forced
to play second fiddle to Chris Sutton in the masters division, with Elliott in

Mikkelsen held his lead all the way
to the finish, soloing in well clear. The chase effort in the second pack was
derailed by some of the cyclists choosing to ride a tactical race rather than
put all their effort into chasing down the leader. At the line it was Abbott
who managed to out-sprint Brooks to claim second, with Stomps in fourth and
Chris Graham in fifth.

Chris Sutton managed to sprint
clear of Weber for the win in the masters division, with Elliott in third,
while Travers came in well clear of Cahill in second and Pinkerton in third to
claim the ladies division. Toby Sutton claimed the win in the junior division,
having managed to rid himself of Testori on the run in to the finish. Testori
managed to hang on for second place, with McCallum cruising in for third.

Overall, the event left Abbott at
the top of the open division overall, with Mikkelsen moving into second place
overall, pushing Smith down to third.

Travers moved up to first in the
ladies division, pushing Pinkerton down to second, with Cahill moving up into

Toby Sutton maintained his lead in
the junior division, with Testori in second place and Alex McCallum moving up
into third.

Chris Sutton managed to edge ahead
of Weber in the masters division, with Elliott moving up into third.

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