New additions to Scouting

The introduction of Scouting into
the Lighthouse School made parents proud Wednesday evening.

Eight students; Jeremy Burke, Tevin
Douglas-Grant, Roy Beckman Ebanks, Quinton Ebanks, Andrew Hayles, Arley Swaby,
Aaron Solomon and Jamar Timothy along with two Lighthouse teachers Susan
Whittaker and retiree Olga Gourzong took the oath and were invested into the
Scouts Association.

Mrs. Gourzong and Ms Whittaker are
the two troop leaders. Student Tevin Douglas-Grant is Cheethas patrol leader
and Andrew Hayles is the patrol leader for Eagles.

Scouts Chief Commissioner Orrett
Connor, scout members and families pinned the Scouts with the Cayman Islands
Scouting badge and the World Scouting Movement badge.

George Town MLA Elio Solomon said
he was a proud parent of a child at the Lighthouse School and what was
accomplished was worthy of note.

Speaking on behalf of Education
Minister Rolston Anglin he said that the Cayman Islands Lighthouse School was
the first of its kind in the region to actually do an induction into their
programme in order to include the special needs class.

“I think it is important because
often times you will hear that the society is judged based on how we treat our
young and the elderly,” he said.

He further added that we were also
judged by how we treat those among us with special needs. For that, he said
they all deserved applause for what had taken place there.

Mr. Solomon also said he had
learned something new from attending the event and that was Scouts shook hands
with the left hand.

Mr. Solomon said what Minister
Anglin wanted to extend was that the Lighthouse School was performing a
tremendous miracle.

“I know what it is to have a child
with special needs. It is difficult with the challenges it introduces into our
lives, but over the years many of us have come to love those children so much,”
he said.

 “Do everything we can to ensure that we can include
them because the Lighthouse is not about exclusion but inclusion. We are
seeking in every way to ensure these children are going to be able to live a
healthy and normal life in society,” saying such opportunities had the government’s
full support.

Scouts Executive Commissioner
Winston Hale said he was glad to be a part of the Lighthouse group from its

“An investiture is the main element
of the Scout programme. It is when the boy makes his promise to take full
responsibility for his personal growth and development,” he said.

Youth Minister Mark
Scotland commended the Scouting Association for the initiative to start the
scout group at the Lighthouse School. He also said from what he had observed
that miracles were indeed happening at the school.


Scouts Executive Commissioner Winston Hale presents the Lighthouse School troops.
Photo: Jewel Levy