Smile! You’re on zombie camera

DeLoach has got a lot of guts.

carries them around in a plastic Ziplock bag.

also carries a bewildering array of make-up, prosthetics and bottles of blood
as part of his job as a make-up artist who makes brides look gorgeous and
glamorous on their wedding day and then moves on to the more off-beat task of
turning actors and extras into zombies and monsters.

DeLoach will be creating zombies for an upcoming horror movie called Zombie
Driftwood to be shot in North Side next month. The make-up artist, who moved to
Cayman from Georgia, US, where he had his own costume store and hairdressing
and make-up business, said he feels it was serendipitous that he, who has been
doing make-up and costumes for zombies through many years of Halloweens, arrived
in Cayman in time to take part in the Islands’ first zombie movie. “What are
the chances?” he asked.

DeLoach came to the Caymanian Compass office last week to demonstrate how he
can turn someone into a zombie in about 20 minutes.

first affixed glue to the face, then stucs on a hideous prosthetic cheek –
replicating a face with half the flesh torn off and the back teeth showing
through the gory remains of the face. He then sprayed make-up on the face and
then sprayed once more using a blue-green colour so no-one was in any doubt
that a member of the undead was among them.

then daubed more glue on the arm and stuck on a seeping wound. He slopped fake
blood over the wounds on the face and arm, and then, for good measure,
splattered more blood over the neck and jaw so it dripped down in a disturbingly
realistic way. He opted, this time, not to include the intestines in the
Ziplock bag to his creation.

in an office chair, the procedure of being turned into a zombie took about 20
minutes – on the set next month, it may take even less time for each zombie to
come to life.

film makers behind Zombie Driftwood, Scottish producer, director and screenwriter
Bob Carruthers and local producer Elizabeth Henning of Caymana Productions said
that as well as making a movie, they also want to help teach local people who
are interested in making a career in film. They are working with the Cayman
Islands Film Commission to get the project off the ground.

DeLoach said he will train make-up artists to work on the set who will
effectively become part of a zombie make-up assembly line.

we’ve got 50 people, we’ll line them up, I’ll put the prosthetic on them, then
they go to the end of the line, and when I see them again, they’re ready for
the blood,” he said. “It’s the only way to do it in a production like this.”

added: “When you’ve got an apprentice, they’re watching you and you assign them
something to do, something to add on. It’s not a one-man show.”

make-up artist has already worked on a number of recent theatre productions,
including Moon Over Buffalo and One Black One White.

film has already been cast and read-throughs and rehearsals are now being held,
including one at the Driftwood Bar this month where most of the action will
take place.

movie was written by Driftwood Bar owner Phil Eckstein.

getting people who are interested in all elements of movie-making – cameras,
lights, make-up, acting,” Ms Henning said.

public has expressed a lot of interest in the film. Already, more than 100
people have contacted her about being zombie extras in the movie and she is
compiling a database of names.

meeting to invite investors to invest in the movie is scheduled for Friday, 4
June. One hundred shares, at a cost of $5,000 each, are up for grabs and that
entitles the holder to 0.5 per cent of the profits. Investors will also get a
chance to be a zombie in the movie, if they want to.

of the filming of Zombie Driftwood is expected to be done over the last two
weeks of June.

interested in taking part as an extra or in getting more information can email
Ms Henning at [email protected] or visit the movie’s website at


Make-up artist Jimmie DeLoach tastes his handiwork as he pretends to bite the arm of Caymanian Compass reporter Norma Connolly.
Photo: Stephen Clarke

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