Under God’s Sea in 3D

The Church of God Chapel Children’s
Choir recently put on a production called “Under God’s Sea in 3D.” The musical
play was written and co-directed by Celeste Clydesdale, who was on hand for the

“I write children’s musicals that
teach about God, our great Saviour, Jesus,” said Mrs. Clydesdale. “When you
become a believer, you look at life differently, and you see there is an
entirely new world out there when you see it through God’s eyes.”

Mrs. Clydesdale has presented two
other musicals on Grand Cayman. She said that through that experience she has
become close friends with many of the members and staff at the Walkers Road
Church of God Chapel, including the Director of the Children’s Choir and
co-director of the musical, Carol Mascarenhas.

“We have 59 kids performing, with
eight main characters” said Mrs. Mascarenhas. “It was free to the public and we
were able to hold three shows in Grand Cayman and one in Cayman Brac. We are
holding over the show for one more performance on Sunday, 20 June (Father’s

“The story has an inspiring and
uplifting plot, which is so needed in today’s culture,” said Maxine Bodden, who
assisted with the production.

“It’s been a tremendous success and
the Church of God Chapel is so proud to have brought this production and
message to our community,” said Maureen Bodden, who also helped coordinate the

The plot involves a group of
students who are members of the God Squad from Alleluia Aquatic Academy as they
venture out in a submarine to learn more about God through His underwater
world. Under Professor Gill’s direction, the students learn to navigate the
sometimes murky waters of life by seeking God’s Word daily. Once they ask God
to open their eyes, ears, and hearts, they begin to realise the depth of God’s
love for them. The song Joyful Noise features innovative 3D animation, which
has been well-received by the entire audience, regardless of age.

The musical lets people see God in
three ways: through creation, the Bible, and a changed life, as one of the
actors learn to depend on God to help him with his attitude. It’s an action
packed, high energy performance on an elaborately decorated stage, recreating a
wide underwater vista of reefs, sea creatures and a submarine.

Event planners, Celebrations
created the seascape set with large coral sculptures and sea plants surrounding
and filling the entire stage area.

In describing the set, Mrs.
Clydesdale said it was the most fascinating and professional set for a children’s
production she had ever seen. “Anyone who comes to see the final show will not
be disappointed. It is on the scale of a Broadway production and will surely
delight audiences of all ages,” she added.

The lighting for the performance
was done by Intec Research Ltd., who brought the shimmering sea to life and
created an underwater extravaganza through a variety of special lighting

Hopscotch Productions provided the
sound system and coordinated the sound production for the show.

The performance lasts approximately
45 minutes. For more details about the upcoming June 20 performance, or to find
out how your child can become involved with similar programmes, call the Church
of God Chapel office, at 949-9393.

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