The Club at Vivendi set for sizzling debut this weekend

weekend will usher in the first tier of the much-anticipated re-launch of
Vivendi Cabaret, located in the Strand.

association with the Paragon Group, Vivendi Cabaret is set to undergo an ambitious
metamorphosis, which includes an awe-inspiring, high-living nightclub. Dubbed
by its promoters as the sexiest place to party on the Seven Mile strip, the
Club at Vivendi will feature themed evenings including The Tantra Lounge: a sultry
Indian-style lounge that encompasses elements of Bollywood. A unique feature of
The Tantra lounge will be hookah water pipes.

from India, hookah has gained popularity, especially in the Middle East and in
recent times in North America, Europe, Australia and Brazil. Other features
include a VIP ‘cove’ and fragrant Indian cuisine. The Tantra Lounge will
encourage patrons to chill-out and unwind, one that offers great happy hour
specials and scrumptious canapés.

Friday, 4 June revellers will get a little taste of Dubai with the launch of
Trilogy. Like its namesake in one of the most amazing cities in the world,
Dubai, Trilogy in the magnificent Madinat Jumeirah complex, Trilogy at Vivendi
Cabaret will be set against Arabesques décor that is fused with  Caymanian panache. The centrepiece of Trilogy
will be a backdrop of a mini cabaret and sensual shadow dancers as well as the
Vivendi swing girls. 

cocktails, bar bombs, sexy show girls and of course, the Arab favourite
pastime, Shisha, all of this will add up to a splendid world-class experience.

to be a showstopper, the incomparable, Soraya, the sultry Argentine dancing
powerhouse, will set the stage at Vivendi on fire with her Arab-inspired and
Bollywood-style performances.

climax of the Vivendi weekend pleasures is Moda Caribe on Saturday, which will
showcase all of the passion of the Caribbean. For Moda Caribe, Vivendi’s troupe
will perform an authentic Caymanian quadrille and a Latin-inspired rendition
that the dancers hope will have patrons clapping for more. No Caribbean themed
party could be complete without fabulous Caribbean cuisine and cocktails, a
true nod to all that is Caribbean.

club at Vivendi will feature sexy musical genres played by some of Cayman’s
most chic and progressive DJs such as One World, DVJ Carter, DJ Renell and DJ
Boltio. The music will range from soca to reggae and sexy house beats as well
as top 20 chart toppers. Another aspect that is guaranteed to create flames on
the dance floor is the trendy concept of music video mixing – one of the most
cutting-edge and in vogue international nightclub highlights.

party starts from 5pm on Thursday and Friday and from 9 pm to midnight on

pay homage to the second installment of Sex & the City, Vivendi will have a
special promotion on Friday, 4 June and Saturday, 5 June; all ladies will
receive a free Royal Mirage Cosmo and a chance to win a night in Vivendi’s
ultra posh VIP cove.

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