More than two dozen weapons given up

weapons have been taken off the streets of Cayman as a result of the RCIPS gun

The month-long
amnesty led to the surrender of a range of weapons including shotguns, revolvers, pistols, rifles, flare guns,
bows and arrows, a crossbow, a
taser, detonators and a grenade.

233 rounds of ammunitionwere also given up by the public.

Now the RCIPS
and Cayman Crime Stoppers are warning anyone who still holds an illegal, or
unlicensed, gun that there is now a hefty price on their head.

“The figures
speak for themselves,” said Police Commissioner David Baines. “These weapons,
and the ammunition, surrendered as part of the amnesty could, if they got into
the wrong hands, kill. Let’s be in no doubt about that. 26 guns taken off the
streets could effectively equate to a
minimumof 26 lives saved.

“By taking
part in the amnesty, people have demonstrated that they are no longer willing
to  stand by and let gun-wielding criminals
terrorise these islands. They are no longer prepared to live in fear. I personally
thank every single person who took part in the initiative – and decided that
they want to be part of a safer Cayman.

“The amnesty
is just one part of a multifaceted approach to reduce the demand and supply of
guns; to reduce illegal carrying of weapons; and educate and rehabilitate offenders
via court based intervention programmes,” said Mr. Baines.

Police and
Crime Stoppers are offering a $5,000 award for Information leading to the arrest and subsequent conviction of anyone who
holds an illegal or unlicensed weapon, or who is involved in gun crime.


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