Barnes Dance Academy performs out of the box

Dance Academy staged its latest show Out of the Box to an appreciative audience
made up mainly of family members and friends, last Sunday.

afternoon performance, at the Harquail Theatre, included a cast of over 30
dancers ranging in age from three to 21 years old.

first half comprised eight dances, which were themed around boxes of some
description or another.

dance involved dancers as jack-in-the-boxes, while another told the story of a
Caymanian couple of yesteryear. Titled Catboat tales, the whimsical dance was
about a mariner sending his beloved a present in a box.

first half finale titled Fireflies saw the majority of the cast in fluorescent
costumes dancing to black lighting.

second half was a real crowd-pleaser and incorporated dances from the Broadway
hit musical Cats by Andrew Lloyd Webber.

most junior of the Barnes Dance Academy dancers were the kittens, the youngest
of who was three-year-old Maia Pitta.

with Daylight, the second half then moved onto Jellico Cats, which introduced
all the other cats in the programme before moving on to Rum Tum Tugger with
Stefan Pitta.

thought the kids did a phenomenal job,” said Susan Barnes academy’s owner who
said that the dancers had had only two months to rehearse the one and a half
hour show.

Barnes performed in a piece with Michelle Murray called Return to Love.

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