Art Sisters hold first-ever solo exhibition

even the threat of heavy rains could daunt the members of Art Sisters as they
showcased their artwork on Saturday, 12 June.

over eight years ago as a creative outlet for women seeking emotional release,
Art Sisters is one of the National Gallery of the Cayman Islands’ several
outreach programmes.

Saturday, 12 June, the members of Art Sisters held their own exhibition for the
first time.

generally exhibit with the other outreach programmes with the National Gallery,
this is our first outside of that,” explained facilitator Lorna Reid, who has
been with the programme for eight years.


hung from trees and stood on easels throughout the blooming garden of Laura
Sutrell’s home in Webster Estates – the perfect setting for artists who find
inspiration in the natural world.

idea is that we paint what soothes us, what relaxes us,” said Mary Rodrigues,
chief officer at the Ministry of Education and Art Sisters member. “There is so
much to inspire you all around.”

many of the paintings on display were based on the theme of the four elements,
some covered religious subject matter, and others illustrated scenes from daily
life in Cayman.

more information about the National Gallery’s outreach programmes, contact

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