Police: Teen arrested after escape

The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service confirms it has now recaptured a 16-year-old male who escaped from the custody of West Bay police. 

The escape took place Monday around 10.45am. The teen was being held at West Bay police station and somehow managed to escape from officers’ custody. It was not immediately clear how.

There were no details provided regarding where or how the boy was rearrested.  

Although police did not confirm the details, sources told the Caymanian Compass that the teen was the same individual arrested in connection with an armed robbery at Mostyn’s Esso in Bodden Town earlier this month. Two police officers were fired upon following that incident. 

Police said an investigation would be conducted into the escape.

Officers had set up at least two roadblocks on streets heading out of the district by mid-morning during the search for the teen.

Traffic was backed up severely in both directions around mid-day.



  1. It would help if you could provide us with a little more details… like what the man has been arrested for and why officers would go to the extreme of two roadblocks in order to catch the man.

    Could you please provide us with more details?

    Editor’s note: The Caymanian Compass is aware of the individual’s name and what he is wanted for. However, the RCIPS is not providing any confirmation, or indeed even returning phone calls, regarding this matter at the moment. Once we hear from them, we will publish further details.

  2. This is so funny, a little boy escaping from police custody !!

    Well we all know that in these cases there will be road blocks so they have learned not to leave West Bay so soon, what about later on this evening that’s when he may take a chance leaving West. Or maybe he already left on boat to go to the other side of the island, while RCIP are having these road blocks. Have anybody thought about this ??!!

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