Most don’t want liquor sales hours extended into early morning

A clear majority of the 489
respondents to last week’s online poll do not think the hours
for selling alcohol in bars and restaurants should be extended to 3am.

Although respondents were given a
choice of differentiating between restaurants and bars, 264 people – 54 per
cent – said the hours should not be extended for anyone.

“It has already been recognized
from years ago that alcohol is Cayman’s #1 drug,” said one person. “And there
is a fact that when the opening hours for nightclubs were extended until 3am,
our violent crime and deaths outside licenced premises grew into a monster! So
why give our young people more time to consume this drug? So the owners can
make more money? We do not need more drunk people driving and being a hazard to
themselves and others on the road. Protect us from the evils of alcohol abuse.”

“Not with all the crime that is
developing after midnight along Seven Mile Beach,” said another respondent.
“Please no!”

“Nothing good happens in a bar
after midnight,” said someone else.

The second highest segment of
respondents, 148 people or 30.3 per cent, thought the licensed hours for selling
liquor should be extended to 3am. Forty people – 8.2 per cent – thought the
hours should only be extended to nightclubs, while 31 people – 6.3 per cent –
thought only Seven Mile Beach nightclubs should have the time extension.

“We need to have longer hours here
because the visitors to our islands are not used to hours that we have,” said
one person.

“These archaic, religious-based
laws are one of the things hindering tourism!” said someone else.

“Yes! It’s 2010 not 1910 for Pete’s
sake!” said another respondent.

“Just because [bars and nightclubs]
are allowed to, doesn’t mean they all would,” commented one person. “Let the
demand determine.”

“We are, after all, 46,000 drunks
clinging to a rock in the middle of nowhere; may as well let us drink,” said
another person.

Six respondents – 1.2 per cent –
answered “I don’t know” to the question.

Next week’s poll question:

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watched so far?

As much as I possibly could

Quite a bit

A little bit

I’m saving myself for the final

the World Cup?


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