Good eating at health fair

was the perfect combination – superb locally produced and cooked food
accompanied by a big dollop of health.

Nutrition Day was celebrated at a health fair at the Farmer’s Market at Camana
Bay on the evening of Thursday, 1 July.

learned how to use local produce to cook healthy and flavourful dishes, and
after enjoying a taste of what was on offer, they could stroll over to stalls
that offered free health screenings.

Davis, from Sparky’s Farm in East End, cooked up a Jamaican collard dish that
had people queuing up for a sample. “They seem to be enjoying it,” he said, as
he dished up the last of the tasty looking food.

serving it, he demonstrated how to cook the dish.

dessert, visitors could wander over to Stingray doughnuts. And while doughnuts
are not exactly known for being healthy, the mini-sized doughnuts on offer from
Stingray meant people could indulge in the fresh, hot, tiny doughnuts without
worrying too much about them going straight to their waist.

staff were on hand to give blood pressure checks and to do cholesterol and
blood glucose testing. The first 200 people to receive health checks got free

was also plenty of fun for the kids, with arts and crafts tables set up so they
could create picture frames out of lollypop sticks and paint pictures. Monica
Powery’s [email protected] staff were also on hand to do face-painting for the
children, and any adults who felt so inclined, and to sell pretty silk
headbands and flowers.

event was hosted by the Public Health Department in partnership with the Heart
Health Centre, Foster’s Food Fair and Market at the Grounds.

at the Grounds is held quarterly at Camana Bay and features produce from local
farms, including fresh fruit and vegetables and a range of homemade goods from
preserves and pickles to cakes, ice cream, sausages and pepper jelly. It also
features selections of native plants, handicrafts, jewellery, handbags,
woodwork and traditional arts, which give shoppers a flavour of all things

Camana Bay also hosts
an Eat Fresh, Buy Local market every Wednesday from 11am to 7pm, featuring three
stalls selling local fruit, sausages and plants.