Companies and college work together

Heritage and The Ritz-Carlton Grand Cayman have joined forces with the
University College of the Cayman Islands to improve opportunities for students
when they enter the job market.

two companies have formalised education-exchange partnerships with UCCI. Each
signed a memorandum of understanding, which offered guest lectures and student

Ritz-Carlton agreement also included unpaid internships for UCCI lecturers so
they could get some hands-on experience in the industry.

often our faculty have the theoretical knowledge but don’t get a chance to
top-up on the practical. This partnership offers them the opportunity to go in
and work with experts, then bring their knowledge back to the classroom,” the
chairperson for the UCCI Career, Technical Education and Outreach Department,
Deborah Chambers, said of the lecturer intern programme:

programmes, scheduled to begin during UCCI’s 2010 fall semester, were developed
after both companies noted a significant lack of qualified Caymanians within
their respective industries, according to a press release issued by the
Government Information Service on Friday, 2 July. “It is hoped that the UCCI
partnership will be the necessary catalyst to initiate change,” the statement

want to support the college in developing its insurance elective, while
simultaneously exposing students to opportunities available in the industry,”
Island Heritage’s chief operating officer, Hugo Cardona, explained.

day at The Ritz-Carlton is different and there are tremendous growth
opportunities for our staff,” said Vice- President and General Manager Franz
Ferschke. “We need to reach out to young Caymanians and groom them to become
the future leaders of our company.”

both organisations for their commitment to the college, UCCI President Roy
Bodden said: “We recognise that this is a tremendous opportunity for both our
staff and students and we thank you for approaching us.

will afford us the opportunity to move to a greater level of instruction and
help our students link the theories they learn in the classroom with the
practical aspects of the industries they are studying.