Afflick nicked in for World Cup victory

100 people entered our World Cup Pool competition with a close race fought for
first place between Omar Afflick and Kruse Smith. Both players ended up with
920 points each but after the points were added for who they predicted would
win out of the Compass readers and the Compass staff team, Afflick pipped Smith
to the post with Ben Maxwell coming in third.

won dinner for four at Dolce Vita restaurant with Kruse and Ben taking home the
case of South African wine courtesy of Jacques Scott.

Free Press staff beat the Compass readers team by 280 points with Spin FM DJ
Ben having the highest score of 900 for the readers’ team and CFP marketing
supervisor Anne Mason having the highest score of 880 for the Compass team.

was nice to actually win a competition for a change instead of organising one
which I do for Cayman Free Press regularly!” said Anne.

Afflick said: “I’m feeling good. This is the first competition I’ve ever won. I
only made one mistake in my predictions and when I checked back the others had
made the same mistake, which was predicting Argentina would beat Germany.
Overall, I was disappointed with some of the World Cup games such as
Brazil-Portugal but I liked the way the underdogs filled the gap, teams like
Ghana, Japan and Uruguay. I picked Spain and Brazil to be in the final although
I was supporting Argentina and Germany.”

Smith, a Caymanian, said: “I’m pleased with my prize. A case of wine is
wonderful. I’ll make sure my wife gets first taste. I supported Brazil but was
happy to see Spain become a first time winner. It could have been a better
final but all in all it was a very entertaining tournament.”

German-based Paul the octopus became a worldwide celebrity by correctly
predicting six matches by going for food in one of two boxes with the teams’
names on them in his aquarium. Kruse said: “I didn’t use Paul’s predictions. In
fact, I didn’t know about him until the semis. Somebody asked me if I was the

said: “It was a hard fought battle. These guys picked two matches over me. In
the ones I got wrong, I judged with my heart instead of my head. At least I was
the top American. I’ve only become a fan of football in the last ten years.
It’s a great sport and truly a beautiful game.”