Elks buoyed by our party gifts

The World Cup may have been a great
disappointment for ardent England fan Paul Elks but he did win a 32-inch TV and
a party for 24 of his mates to drink copious amounts of Budweiser at the Centre
Spot sports bar thanks to winning a competition ran in the Caymanian Compass.

Spain won 1-0 in a disappointing
match marred by Holland’s thuggery which was a shame because both teams had
show exemplary, flowing football to reach the final.

Elks saw his team succumb to
Germany in the first knockout round yet continued wearing his England shirt
despite all the taunts.

“The party was absolutely
brilliant,” he said. “Centre Spot put on a brilliant party and I really.
Winning the TV almost made up for the embarrassing way England played. I
continued wearing my England shirt even though I took a lot of stick for it.

“I had a Liverpool shirt on for the
final and was supporting Spain because of Torres and Reina. Supporting Liverpool
and England seems to be like double jeopardy. I think I’ll just watch Wimbledon
tennis from now on!”

His party drank the Bud so quickly
that eight more cases had to be brought in at half-time! “I think the
competition will exclude the English next time!”