Lightning strikes blamed for power outages

Burglars try to take advantage

Strong storms that rolled through the Grand Cayman area overnight Friday and into Saturday morning were blamed for causing major power outages across the island.

Caribbean Utilities Company crews were busy restoring power after a bolt of lightning apparently struck their main generation station on North Sound Road early Saturday.

A statement from the power company released Saturday morning indicated that there had been multiple lightning strikes.

“This outage was caused by severe lightning strikes to our system,” CUC spokesperson Pat Bynoe-Clarke said

Power was still out to some areas of Bodden Town and Breakers early Saturday, according to a CUC voice recording at its main office.

The company later said that most power to Grand Cayman should have been restored by 6am. 

There was no word immediately regarding the extent of the damage to CUC’s infrastructure from the lightning strikes, if any.

Royal Cayman Islands Police said they were kept busy in the hours after the outage, performing business checks and responding to alarms. 

Police reported making a “significant” burglary arrest overnight while the power outages were still affecting the island.

Two men in their mid-20s were arrested around 4.30am in possession of jewellery and a laptop. Police said the items appeared to have been taken from a home on South Church Street. 

Police said the residents were home at the time, but didn’t even realise the suspects had gotten in.