Editorial for July 19: Happy to print happy news

We love putting happy stories on
the front of the Caymanian Compass.

Really, we do.

The front page article in Friday’s
edition of the Compass told readers about little Jaydah, who was born
prematurely in June at 24 weeks, weighing only 1 pound, 10 ounces.

It can be said that part
circumstances and indeed divine providence played a part in Jaydah being born,
nurtured and nourished here. There was severe unrest in Jamaica, the home
country of Jaydah’s parents, at the time Jaydah would be born and the hospital
there didn’t have an incubator.

She is fast tracking to a hefty
three pounds and more under the care of the neo-natal staff, which has pitched
in to ensure that Jaydah survives and thrives. Many of the nurses and midwives
are taking extra shifts so that Jaydah gets the constant one-on-one care she
will need while she’s at the hospital.

Kudos to those wonderful caregivers
and to Dr. James Robertson and his team that successfully delivered Jaydah.

It was because of the good doctor
that the Caymanian Compass found out about Jaydah’s good news story in the
first place. He telephoned us, left a message and we got back with him.

We publicly thank Mr. Robertson for
helping us share this story with the Cayman community.

Too often we hear complaints that
there isn’t any positive or happy news in our newspaper. While we would argue
with that position to a point, we do realise that a lot of what goes on our
front page isn’t happy news, but it is news.

We need more people like Mr. Robertson
to help us find and deliver the happy news. Call us at 815-0026 and tell us
something positive that is going on in your community. We’ll determine if it is
in fact a news story and while we can’t promise front page placement, if it is
a news story, we will be happy to cover it and get it in print.

Godspeed to little Jaydah, her
parents, Mr. Robertson, his team and the nurses and midwives that are watching
over this special child.