Police: Children ‘abandoned’ at libraries

Local police are warning parents not to use the public library system as a babysitting facility over the summer months. 

Royal Cayman Islands Police Inspector Christsandra Mitchell said Monday that parents and care-givers who drop minors off at local public libraries over the school break could end up in court. 

“We have been made aware that some children are being dropped off at
local libraries in the mornings, in some instances before the
libraries are open for businesses,” Inspector Mitchell said “Some are also being left in these
buildings as late as 5.00 p.m., without food or any contact information
for parents or care-givers.”

Complaints about throngs of unsupervised children in certain public libraries have been made to the RCIPS, and officers said they will be following up on each and every compliant. 

Police have asked community members and library staff to keep an eye out for the welfare of children in public places and report any incidents of abandonment or neglect.

“Many parents/caregivers are seemingly not aware that these infrequent
periods of abandonment can lead to criminal investigation,” said Ms Mitchell. “The RCIPS will make every effort to bring before the
courts persons who neglect children, who it is their duty to protect.”

Anyone who has any concerns should report the matter to
their local police station or the Family Support Unit on 946-9185. 


  1. This is terrible for a number of reasons. It is sad to think that parents can think it ok to leave their children unattended for any period of time. On the contrary, but it is also sad to think that there are parents who have no other support, financial or family whereby they can arrange for suitable care. Is this yet another sign of the times?

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