Ace Paints brushed others aside

Autocross racing continues to be a
popular option for locals.

Recently the July instalment of the
Valvoline/Parkers Time Attack series put on by the Cayman Motorsports Association
was held on the roads by Island Paving. Right off the bat, things promised to
be interesting when at sign-up veteran racer Chuck Thompson signed up to
compete. Chuck’s son Charlie was bringing out his 2004 Subaru STi and decided
Dad should participate as well. Also back out was Richard Crawshaw in his
Porsche and Andy Bodden in his 600hp Mustang.

All would run on a very precise
course layout thanks to Chief Steward Andrew Jackson. The course, which changes
every event, provided some favourable braking with just a few straights.

Battling it out in Street Two Wheel
Drive were the Ebanks brothers, Jerad and Josen, in their Turbo Starlet;
Alchrist Bodden in his 1996 Ford Mustang and Ajoni Ambersley in his Nissan
Primera. Alchrist had done a few improvements since the last race and his
driving showed definite improvement. Also making improvements to their car was
Ajoni who switched over to a new engine. True to tradition though, Ajoni only
finished the swap the night before and due to constant improvement throughout
the night ended in second with a 69.923s time.

Jerad Ebanks was just able to
squeeze out a win with a 69.407. Brother Josen rounded out the division in
third place before having to retire the car for the night due to mechanical
problems. Next month’s battle in the division should prove very interesting as
Ambersley gets comfortable with the car.

In addition to the Thompsons
competing in Street All Wheel Drive, there was another newcomer in David
Bowerman who made a showing in his wine red Subaru Impreza. The three did well
for their first time out improving each run and figuring out their cars, one of
the main focuses of TA. Chuck Thompson actually showed he still had a little
left in the tank by finishing second in 69.016s. Pulling up third was Nikko
Miller in 69.352s after he decided to bring out his Mitsubishi Evolution III.
In the top spot was the ever present Michael Weatherford in the Ace Paint
Subaru Impreza with a personal-best time of 66.561.

Also running the Ace paint car was
Keith “Speedy” Tibbetts, as his usual Valvoline sponsored Subaru STi suffered a
failure, so he elected to run the street class car in Unlimited. Unlimited is
for cars that have 100 treadwear tires, either Toyo RA1 or Toyo R888. Speedy
was just fine as he was able to beat out Ian Tibbetts in his Chevy Corvette for
third place in 66.487s. In second place was young Marcus Huggins in 65.201s,
who drove dad Gary Huggins’ KIMMAR 1984 Toyota Starlet. Motorsports association
president Bobby Hulse put on an impressively clean run on his fourth try for a
best time of 64.98s in his Flat Black Toyota Altezza.

Thanks to Kim and Kelcey Huggins
and other race marshals, competitors were able to squeeze in five runs for the
night. After the regular passes one last run on a slightly modified course was
held for Street Battle and Unlimited Battle. In the Street Battle Charlie
Thompson came third, Weatherford was second and Miller was first.

Street Battle was not the only
place that was to see a shake-up of the norm. Ian Tibbetts was able to go out
and run an impressive 59.028s time for second in the Unlimited Battle despite
having a few suspension woes. Keith ran a faster base time than Ian but lost
out because of hitting three cones leaving him with a final time of 64.076s.
Huggins ran the Starlet to a stunning time of 57.574s for the win.

Overall the night was a resounding
success that everyone was waiting on since the last race got cancelled on
account of rain. Many thanks to the sponsor Valvoline/Parkers as well as the
marshals and time keepers. The next race is scheduled for 28 August on the
roads behind Progressive.

* For more
information e-mail [email protected] or call 916-5137.

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