Zulus exemplify warrior spirit

Anyone who’s had the good fortune –
or misfortune some may say – to meet the flamboyant Andreas ‘Zulu’ Kettner,
will know that the Red Bull distributor loves flag football with a passion.

That’s why he’s been a major
sponsor for years, officiates in some matches and does everything imaginable to
promote the local flag scene.

His team, Zulu Warriors, made it to
the playoffs last season. However, it’s been a rough season so far and the team
is struggling with a 2 and 5 record. But no one is counting out ‘The Tribe’
just yet as the players and coaches are all optimistic and looking forward to a
surge in the second half of the season as they plan to make it to the playoffs

Coach Rex Whittaker said; “There
have been a lot of changes this year with new faces added to the team and
players in new positions. The team as a whole is filled with talented and
gifted athletes. However, we’ve also struggled to this point to make an impact
in the league. The team clearly has the ability and the expectations are that
they will surpass the current struggles and start making a greater impact in
the league.”

Despite their erratic form,
Whittaker – whose wife Dionne is the team’s quarterback – feels Zulu’s can show
their true warrior spirit and are capable of making the finals and winning the
championship this season. “Without a doubt,” he said. “The team has already
started to show consistency and the ability to execute our plays and it’s only
a matter of time before there is a momentum shift our way. No one is stating
that it’s going to be easy as the women’s league is particularly tough this
year with a lot of good teams that are evenly matched.  At the end of the day it will be desire and
determination that will have a bearing on who will win the championship.”

There’s no doubting that Walkers
Wonders are the strongest side, but that’s not to say upsets cannot happen. “No
one is being counted out. The standings are very close and the expectation is
that all the teams are going to give it their all to finish the season strong.
At any given day any team can win and no one team can be taken for granted. As
it now stands there is an eight-team rivalry for the championship.”

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