Alton’s clientele will soon get fit

People involved in sports are
always looking for new ways to stay in shape. A few on Cayman are taking
advantage of a new fitness company focusing on outdoor sports.

This summer Island Physique came on
the scene under the premise of training clients at various locations outdoors
such as football fields and outdoor courts. George Town native Alton Williams,
26, is the owner of the company and has about 10 people in his clientele list. Williams
is a true sportsman with links to basketball, netball, athletics and football.

Among his clients is Shelly Logan.
The British Caymanian service representative plays co-ed softball for Team
Brit-Cay in the C league of the current local league. She states the service
has helped her lose weight and play softball better.

“I was excited to see I lost eight
pounds in my first three workout sessions. The programme helped me stay in
shape leading up to the season and now I’m seeing where I’m running around the
bases smoother with less weight. Most of that weight loss came from eating
properly but softball has helped me stay in shape.”

Interestingly Logan, 27, has been
in Cayman for roughly a year after living in the US the last 17 years. She was
born in Cayman and is the daughter of Cayman National Bank Manager Anthony
Logan. The elder Logan is one of the organisers of the ongoing corporate
football league and is a former bodybuilder from years ago.

One of the most notable sports
people working with Williams is Bobeth O’Garro. Acclaimed as one of the
island’s fittest women, O’Garro lends her talents to many sports including
basketball, netball and gaelic football. This summer she is the quarterback for
the Hammerhead Lady Sharks in the Cayman Islands Flag Football Association
women’s division.

O’Garro has made use of Island
Physique in its brief month of business and has nothing but praise. “As an avid
athlete myself, I found the work-outs challenging. I recommend the training for
children as it aids concentration, muscle development and improves the child’s
self-esteem as results are seen every time they are engaged. Most of all they
have fun while working hard. I feel it is a must for any young athlete who
wishes to be pushed to the next level.”

Costs for Island Physique are
reasonable. The normal rate is CI$15 per hour with packages including $300 for
10 sessions and $400 for 20 sessions. There is also a sports team discount
where each athlete on the squad is charged $10 per hour.

Williams is pleased that his
service is useful to local athletes as he wants to improve local sports.

“Most of my clients are intimidated
by the gym so they like this method better. They like it because it’s
different. For me it’s all about improving our sports standards here. I had
been thinking about Cayman’s sports limitations from time I was 20 and I kept
thinking about the difference outdoor training makes in sports.

“I started thinking of turning my
commitment to sports into a business six months ago. I wanted to do something
different after working in law enforcement, banking and insurance. Then it
clicked to me to use sports. From there I went about getting certified with
support from my mum (Judith Douglas) and wife (Donette Hyre-Williams).” 

Ultimately, Williams has his eyes
on expanding his service with new programmes that can cater to local
businesses. “The next step is having a class, called the Obstacle Fitness
Challenge, where it’s teams versus teams to get in shape. It would be sort of
like the Celebrity Fit Club show on TV. The prize would be winning back the
class fee (which is slated to be CI$100 per team). It would be twice a week on
with no more than three teams per class. Maybe it could be corporate-sponsored
but certainly it would be good for friends and family to come together and have
a blast getting in shape.”

For more information call 929-6615
or e-mail [email protected]

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