Chuckie quits PPM

Former Tourism Minister Charles Clifford announced his resignation from the People’s Progressive Movement political party in a statement released Wednesday night. 

The lengthy statement by Mr. Clifford lamented what he called a lack of aggressive opposition to the current United Democratic Party government – which he viewed as a sign of little differences between the two parties.

“If there were real differences, I would have expected the PPM opposition to be much more aggressive and resolute in their objections to the flawed policies of the incumbent government,” Mr. Clifford said. 

The ex-Bodden Town MLA also said the country’s political party system had become ‘dysfunctional’, and opined that the politicking it had led to was hurting the country. 

“We have adopted the regional model of party politics and we know now it will not work in Cayman,” Mr. Clifford said. “We have made a fundamental error.” 

George Town MLA and Opposition Leader Kurt Tibbetts issued
the following statement Thursday on behalf of the PPM regarding Mr. Clifford’s

“While we regret
Charles Clifford’s resignation as a member of the PPM and the PPM Executive, it
really comes as little surprise.

Mr. Clifford has had little interest or involvement in PPM matters since the
last elections, with the notable exception of his promotion of the proposed
march against the government’s proposal to sell the new Government Administration
Building. He has not
attended any meetings of the PPM Executive since the Executive’s decision not
to proceed with the march following the government’s announcement that it had
decided not to sell the building.

In the aftermath of a major election loss by a party it is not uncommon for
there to be casualties as the party goes through a period of self analysis and
rebuilding and there are differing views about the leadership and direction
that should be taken.

We thank Mr. Clifford for his years of service and wish him well.”

Please read much more on this story in Friday’s editions of the Caymanian Compass…



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