Banking certificate programme launched

UCCI teams with bankers association

The University College of the
Cayman Islands has teamed up with the Cayman Islands Bankers Association to
launch an education programme designed to give students the right foundation
for a banking career.

The diploma programme, called the
Cayman Banking Certificate, requires the successful completion of seven
specific courses developed by the University College in consultation with the
Bankers Association. It will be offered starting this fall.

Robert Weishan, business
development chair at the University College, said the goal of the programme is
to teach students what Cayman’s banking community believes they need to know to
start out in the banking profession. To do this, many of Cayman’s banking
professionals will help teach the courses.

“The key to the programme is to
marry the information in the community with the students in the university,”
Mr. Weishan said.

Course study for the banking
certificate includes the subjects of accounting, law, micro- and
macro-economics, business communications and banking.

“It’s a well-rounded programme to
launch your career in whatever direction you want to go,” Mr. Weishan said,
noting that there are many career paths in the banking profession.

Credits apply to any degree programme

Bankers Association Chief Operating
Officer Ora Hollebon said the credits earned in attaining the Banking
Certificate could be applied toward any degree programme at the University
College, a first in any certificate programme in Cayman. She also noted that
the course is not only designed for students entering the University right out
of high school, but also for those who are already working in banking or anyone
else who wants to enter the profession.

With that wide potential student
base in mind, the programme has been designed with a lot of scheduling
flexibility to allow either daytime or night-time students to participate.

Val Mullen, the chair of the Bankers
Association Education Committee, said association members would serve as guest
lecturers and conduct banking workshops.

“The programme’s success will
depend heavily on the level of support from our members, and it is hoped that
the [human resource] and training officers… will push the programme within
their individual organizations by informing staff of its benefits and by
recognizing it as a tool for upward mobility for anyone who successfully
completes the programme,” she said.

University College President Roy
Bodden said he views the Banking Certificate programme as vocational training
for students already in the workforce to be “earning while they learn”. He said
he hopes to see similar programmes launched in the insurance and real estate
industry in the near future.

“I see this as the way forward,
these joint ventures between the private sector and the university to provide
training for people to get into various industries.”

Mr. Bodden said the Bankers
Association had drawn up the protocols for the course study and examinations to
ensure the programme would have practical applications in Cayman’s banking industry.
He also said the association had agreed to hire students who successfully
completed the programme.

However, Mr. Bodden stressed that Caymanians
should not have the misconception that by attaining the certificate they would
start at the top.

“You have to begin at the
beginning,” he said.


Faculty and staff of the University College of the Cayman Islands along with members of the Cayman Islands Bankers’ Association at the launch of the Cayman Banking Certificate programme.
Photo: Alan Markoff