School uniform chaos at JGHS

Parents spent hours in the
blazing sun on Thursday morning, waiting to pick up new school uniforms at John Gray
High School.

According to
a hand written sign on the gate, ‘unforeseen circumstances’ had caused the pick
up of uniforms to be delayed until 2 September, from 10am to 4pm.

However, by 11am, Dalaica
Wright, a parent at the school, had yet to see the line of waiting parents

“We have not moved, I have
been at the same spot for 30 minutes,” said Ms Wright.

Along with other parents she
tried to find what shade was available, but even the shade could only do so
much. Many parents decided to leave, with some asking friends in the queue to
phone them when there was movement.

However, Ms Wright had
decided to stay put.

“I am going to wait, because
I need to get the uniform and I don’t have another day to come back and wait. I
have done this before during the month of August to wait to prepay and it was
the same thing, we waited for hours. It is just hot and sweaty and
uncomfortable, but for our children I guess we have to do it,” she said.

By mid-day, it was unclear whether any parents that had been waiting since 10am had received their child’s uniforms.

Please see the full story in Friday’s editions of the Caymanian Compass… 



  1. School uniforms should be readily available for purchase locally as it was done in the previous years.

    School uniforms should not be contracted overseas as it was local business. Prices were lower.

    School should stick to education not uniform business.

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