Gaston dissipates but could reform

Tropical Storm Gaston ran into dry
air and dissipated into a tropical wave on Thursday, but it could still
redevelop as it moves westward into more favourable conditions.

As of Friday morning, the National
Hurricane Center in Miami gave the remnants of Gaston a 40 per cent chance of
becoming a tropical cyclone again by Sunday morning.

Prior to dissipating, Gaston was
expected to enter the Caribbean Sea in the vicinity of the Lesser Antilles and
then travel westward, at least for a time. Most models then had the storm
system curving northward in response to weakness in the Bermuda-Azores High.

The peak of the Atlantic basin
hurricane season occurs next week. However, the Western Caribbean area remains
at high risk right on through the end of October because late-season storms are
more likely in that area than in other parts of the Atlantic basin.

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