Rundown is postponed

Rundown will not be performed
during 2010, according to organisers.

The popular, gently satirical
island performance had already lost its main writer, David Martins, who now lives
in Guyana, throwing the event into doubt. In April, director Henry Muttoo of
the Cayman National Cultural Foundation said that the event would in fact go
ahead with a new show co-written by himself and the cast members. In order to
try and give enough time to construct the script from new material and rejigs
of classic sketches, said the director, Rundown was originally scheduled to
take place this November.

Postponed until March

However, Mr. Muttoo explained to
the Caymanian Compass that the event will now not take place this year after

“We were hoping to have the Rundown
script ready in time for production but it is not, and for that and other
reasons beyond our control the show has been postponed to March next year; that
is the slot in which it usually falls.

“With so much other work going on
at Cayman National Cultural Foundation we feel we needed to take time to
complete the script and clear our calendar before moving into a production such
as Rundown, which has built up a reputation for good production and
entertainment. We know this will be a bit of a disappoint to our Rundown fans
who look forward so eagerly to the show, but we assure them that, in the
classic term of assurance, Rundown soon come.” he noted.

Director and designer Mr. Muttoo is
currently preparing for the opening of a comedy production called De Honeymoon
Over, which runs between 9 and 19 September at the Cayman National Cultural
Foundation’s home base at Harquail Theatre.

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