Police: Dead man had info on Ming killing

rang out in West Bay Wednesday night, killing a young man
in what is believed to be a gang related incident.

was the fifth killing in that district since the start of the year.

victim was identified as 20-year-old Tyrone Burrell.

reported multiple shots fired outside a home on Birch Tree Hill around 8.05pm
Wednesday. However, police later said their information indicated only one shot
had been fired.

officers arrived they discovered the 20-year-old Burrell lying on the ground
near a residence not moving or breathing. He was pronounced dead at the

arrests were immediately reported. Police were conducting a wide search of the Birch Tree Hill Road
area using the helicopter and armed ground units Thursday night.

in the evening, police were seen stopping cars on West Bay Road at the intersection of
Raleigh Quay – the only way into or out of the district.

Wednesday night’s shooting happened in the same yard where
Damion Ming was shot back in March. Police said Thursday afternoon that Burrell
was known to be associated with people involved in gangs. Other sources
informed the Caymanian Compass that Burrell had been an associate of Ming’s.

According to police, Burrell’s mother had dropped him off for a party at the Birch Tree Hill Road location earlier that evening. 

Police believe Burrell did have information relating to
Ming’s killing, but he never took that information to the police and was never
identified as a police witness.

“We believe that Tyrone did have valuable information
related to the Damion Ming killing,” RCIPS Superintendent Marlon Bodden said Thursday

Mr. Bodden added that if Burrell had gone to the police
with his information “we may not be sitting here today talking about another
wasted young life.” Mr. Bodden said Burrell would have been protected by the

Wednesday night’s violence was an unwelcome sight in West Bay
district which saw four killings within two months earlier in the year.

Four-year-old Jeremiah Barnes’s shooting death in
mid-February sparked a run of homicides that led to the deaths of Alrick
Peddie, 25, Marcos Duran, 29, and Ming.

Since late March, however, gun related violence in the
district had dropped off sharply.

From March through September, the Islands
saw only one other shooting death.

That incident involved a homeowner firing on a burglary
suspect who police said had entered his home.

Just this week, that 65-year-old
homeowner, who is a licensed gun owner, was cleared of any criminal wrong-doing
in the shooting.


  1. well…lol…

    The UK officers helping us alright! Whilst they polygraph the entire Cayman force with their corruption quest, murder after murder occurs. I guess the Commish plea would be to the LA (mark my words)-


  2. Another killing in Grand Cayman. The final straw for my travel to that country. I will watch and when I see that this needless killing stops for year or so I may consider returning.

    The future does not look good for tourism, much less for the people of Grand Cayman.

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