Premier goes on the road

Cayman Islands Premier McKeeva Bush
hits the road for the next few weeks to attend a series of international
meetings and conferences.

Mr. Bush is holding talks with the
Florida Caribbean Cruise Association this week. Later on he will attend a
United Nations conference on small island developing states, the OECD
(Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development) Global Forum, the
Commonwealth Finance Ministers’ Conference, and the launching of the Cayman
Islands representative office in Hong Kong.

The premier will start off the
world tour by meeting with representatives of the cruise association in Miami
for talks on the Cayman Islands’ cruise industry.

Following those talks, the premier
will go to New York where the remainder of the week will be taken up by the
United Nations high-level review to assess progress made in addressing the
vulnerabilities of small island developing states.

After the round table discussions
at the UN, the premier travels to Singapore to attend the OECD Global Forum. He
heads the Cayman Islands delegation comprised of the Financial Services Secretariat.
The Cayman Islands representation is required as the Cayman Islands sits on the
OECD Steering Committee.

From Singapore it’s on to Hong Kong
for the launching of the first phase of government’s Asia programme. Activities
include establishing Cayman Islands representation there and
relationship-building with key members of the Hong Kong business community in
association with Cayman Islands private sector firms that have Hong Kong
offices in preparation for a presence in China.

The premier also plans to attend
the annual Commonwealth Financial Ministers Conference in Washington, DC.

During the premier’s absence,
Education Minister Rolston Anglin will be acting premier through 24 September.
Deputy Premier Juliana O’Connor-Connolly will be acting premier from 25
September until Bush’s return.

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