Fidelity’s spirit can’t be robbed

rumour was that after the Fidelity bank robbery the previous day, there was no
money for trophies. But the third and final Fidelity Fun Run lived up to
expectations and no one got short changed with the prizes.

to the expert organisational skills of the Fidelity group and Jerry Harper of
Phoenix Athletic Club, there was no delay and the main concern was whether the
impending bad weather would rain on this parade.

started beside the John Gray High School on Walkers Road in a two-mile loop and
around 180 turned out, including plenty of strollers, walkers and scarf-wearing
dogs from the Humane Society.

the absence of Scott Brittain, Marius Acker breezed home to take the overall
title. He had won the second Fidelity Fun Run and was second behind Brittain in
the first race. Russell Coleman was second, then Mike McDonald, followed by
Jasper Mikkelsen, then Andrew Ibeh. Sixth home and first female was newcomer
Krissy Dooling, who can take satisfaction as the first woman to have ever
beaten seventh placed Mark ‘Hungover’ Hogan.

sports presenter Jason Harper made the effort for the second consecutive week.
He was a sprinter in Barbados but now talks faster than he can run. “Just
getting together and socialising with everybody is fun,” Harper said. “I don’t
necessarily want to run 45 seconds in the 400 metres anymore, but I was getting
a little pudgy so it was good to come out and shake a leg with coach Harper.
The last two weeks has been great and I’m looking forward to next year. I’ve
steadily improved. Last week I was 102nd and this week I was 72nd. I put in
some work during this week because I was so disappointed with the first one. I
could go a lot faster if there were three more runs, but I won’t be challenging
Marius any time soon.”

were lots of fun runners as well as track and field athletes, and the Cadets
Corps, led by Derek Larner, had their usual big turn out.  Governor Duncan Taylor made another
impressive appearance, as did Fidelity’s Tom Gammage who ran with his stroller
ahead of the rest of his family.

39, said: “I gave Scott the Stroke & Stride and he gave me the Fidelity. We
just exchanged the series this year. Now I’ll focus on training for the Cayman
Triathlon and the Cayman Half-Marathon. It’ll be a rough nine weeks but I look
forward to the races. I expect my biggest challengers in the triathlon to be
any visitors and Johan Heath and possibly Ray Welds.”

wanted to go under 11 minutes but was around 13 seconds out, roughly the same
time as the second week, but the conditions were harsher in the third race. “I’m
pleased with my improvement overall,” she said. “The Fidelity series was
excellent. It was really well organised and it was nice to run three times
back-to- back to see if you could make improvements and try to run a little
harder each time.”

trains with Beth Schreader, Cayman’s fastest woman runner. They will do the
Cayman Marathon together on 5 December. Canadian Dooling intends to run the
Pirates 5k and maybe a couple more road runs as preparation. Her best marathon
time is 2 hours 58 minutes in the New York City race last year, but because of
Cayman’s heat the 29-year-old physiotherapist from Newfoundland does not expect
to go under three hours. “If my training goes well I hope to do 3:05. Beth and
I are definitely hoping to run a lot of the marathon together because there are
not a lot of competitive females, so it’ll be nice to have someone to do all
the miles with.” New to Cayman, in the couple of months she’s been here she’s
loved it, especially the weather – when it’s dry.  

president Brett Hill, himself a keen runner with the Hash House Harriers, was
philosophical. “Contrary to what people have been saying, the trophies weren’t
stolen,” he smiled. “We’re very happy with the turnout, as always. The support
for this event just gets bigger and bigger every year.

the outset we kept it open for all categories. I actually had my own kids in
strollers which is where it started. It was the only class I felt I could win!

win, of course, but I enjoyed it. This year for the first time we’ve had dogs,
which is brilliant. It’s a fun run series, that’s the spirit and given the fact
that it is over three weeks, the dynamic changes too. One guy might miss one
week which gives someone else a chance.”

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