Update: Robbers go wild

Two restaurants hit

Two restaurants were hit by robbers Thursday night, according to reports from witnesses which the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service confirmed more than 12 hours after the incidents occurred. 

An attempted robbery was also reported at the One-Stop Minimarket. However, police later stated that the incident was merely a suspicious activity report and nothing was found.  

The first robbery was reported around 6.20pm at the Domino’s Pizza on Mary Street, George Town.

According to witness reports, the robbers got away with some cash after threatening store workers.

On Wednesday, two suspects – one of them armed – had attempted to rob the store but were foiled by the restaurant’s security system.

It was not immediately clear if the same suspects were involved in both the Wednesday and Thursday crimes at the Mary Street Domino’s, but a similar suspect description was given in both cases. .

Shortly after the Domino’s heist, a car believed to have been used by the suspects was recovered on Eastern Avenue. Police said it had been stolen from the Cayman Islands Hospital parking lot Thursday morning. 

Thursday’s second robbery was reported at Alfresco restaurant in West Bay around 8pm. 

According to sources that spoke to the Caymanian Compass on condition of anonymity, two customers and a chef inside the restaurant had money taken from them in the heist. 

Both suspects were armed, and according to witnesses, they were about 5’10” with slim builds; one fair complected, one dark. Both had shirts covering their faces.

It was not believed the two robberies on Thursday were connected.

Police information delayed

A spokesperson for the police service told the Compass earlier in the week that she would only be answering news-related queries between the hours of 8.30am and 5pm on weekdays. 

Police inspectors at the George Town station have said they are no longer allowed to respond to press enquiries, as per orders of the police department’s top commanders. 

The police spokesperson stated that, in certain instances, top RCIPS commanders would comment on crimes after-hours.

Please see more about Thursday’s robberies and the new police policy in Monday’s editions of the Caymanian Compass….


  1. I would like to submit a suggestion that I hope will be considered as a safer and more beneficial option for Dominos and its employees and maybe other food providers that are not structured for dine-ins.I believe that customers should no longer be able to enter the establishment but collect their food through a window sufficiently sized that only food boxes can fit through and for employee and customers can make the necessary monetary exchange.

    The windows should be protective material,bullet proof preferably and management need to find a safe way for the delivery personnel to come and go on their deliveries.If high-definition cameras and proper security has not been put in place,it needs to be done immediately.

    I would even consider moving Dominos’location.Some may consider this hilarious, but I actually think the old licensing building right beside the Central police station would be an ideal spot and no I’m not trying to be funny.Considering the size building the West Bay location uses, it would be the perfect size, and convenient for people to pick up their food.

    I hope this idea will be strongly considered, even for a minute. These people working these long hours really do not deserve to have to put up with this injustice.

    That’s my 2 cents…Thanks

  2. More very worrying news from the Cayman Islands; we have eaten at Alfresco, and are horrified at the prospect of an armed robbery taking place during a
    ‘romantic dinner’ – SOMETHING MUST BE DONE,and urgently.
    Not at all what we ‘tourists’ want to read about, and a terrifying ordeal for those poor innocent people invoved.
    Enough is enough – the Police must act NOW.

  3. Here we go again, it seems that the robbers have no fear of the police or the courts,because they know that if they are caught, in a few months or less they will be back out on the streets, If they are Caught? .I think one of the reasons why the police are not getting the necessary info. is because the residents in which ever town that not trust the police, and will not talk to them,maybe if the police dept had more local police stationed in each town instead of foreigners, the local population would more forth coming with info that they may have.

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