Burglary foiled by WB homeowner

The Royal
Cayman Islands Police service credited the “calm response and quick actions” of
a burglary victim for the speedy arrest of a burglary suspect in West Bay early Monday.

Just after
midnight, police received a report that a man had broken into a house in
Foremast Close, West Bay. The woman making the call stated that
the burglar, who was still within the house, had pushed her mother to the floor
and stolen her purse.

Police arrived
quickly at the scene and arrested a 39-year-old man on suspicion of both
burglary and assault.

The woman who
had been assaulted did not require medical attention, but was left shaken by the
ordeal, police said.

“The woman who reported the
incident remained calm and controlled despite the very frightening
circumstances,” RCIPS Chief Inspector Frank Owens said. “Her mother had just
been assaulted but she was composed enough to make the call to 911; she knew it
was important to let us know as quickly as possible what had happened to allow
us to get resources to the scene. ”

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