Tropical Storm Paula forms in Caribbean

Tropical Storm Paula formed in the southwestern
Caribbean Monday afternoon and was nearing hurricane strength by evening.

As of 6.45pm local time, Paula was moving off the coast of Honduras and out over open water, generating maximum sustained
winds of 65 miles-per-hour and was moving slowly northwest.  

Forecasts for the storm’s track varied widely. 

National Hurricane Center forecast had Paula skirting the coast of
Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula Wednesday as a hurricane, then circling
back to the east into the Caribbean and edging closer to Cayman by the

Other storm tracks anticipated Paula would pass through
the far western Caribbean and then turn northeast – eventually heading
over western Cuba and moving off toward Florida and the Bahamas later in the week. 

At least one other storm model showed Paula heading onto land over the Yucatan by mid-week and blowing itself out there.   

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