Editorial for October 14: Prouder than ever of Cydonie

Sometimes the best of intentions
can be misconstrued.

We refer to the 2008 photo of
Cydonie Mothersill winning Bronze at the 2001 World Championships.

It created quite uproar throughout
the Caymanian community.

The intention of the photograph was
to show just how far Cydonie has come in two short years; she has gone from
winning the Bronze to bringing home the gold. For the last bit of information
you had to read the accompanying article.

It is said that a picture can paint
a thousand words. That may be so in an art gallery, but not so much in a
newspaper where the photograph is but one element of the entire article.

We were extremely proud of Cydonie
for bringing home the Bronze in 2008. And we are absolutely elated that she is
coming home with the Gold from the Commonwealth Games.

Cydonie deserves all the accolades
we can give her for continually making the Cayman Islands proud.

It must be said that the Caymanian
Compass tried to source a photo of Cydonie winning the Gold at the Commonwealth
Games up until press time.

It’s a problem we face almost every
time one of our athletes competes on the world stage. We ask in advance for
photos of our athletes if we can’t be there ourselves and we usually get a
positive response that yes, photos will be sent through. The promises are
rarely kept.

We hope that this incident proves a
lesson to us all. The Cayman delegations that attend these games have to bear
in mind that the people back home are waiting for news and images about our
athletes. We will support them no matter their standings.

Cydonie, we meant no offence and in
no way attempted to detract from your glorious run at the Commonwealth Games.

You have a special place in the
heart of this newspaper and indeed in the Caymanian community.

Once again, you have made us proud.

And please, swing by for a photo

Welcome home.


  1. To the Editor

    Big up the Compass for being big enough to say ‘sorry’ and accept the alternative solution; a full photo shoot pull out for Cydonie’s fans and Cayman to keep in memorial of an historic moment. Brrraaap Braaaap,the Compass !

    Mr. Rose,
    You’ve probably spoken, from the heart, what is in the hearts of most Caymanians; thanks for expressing the sentiments of many.

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