Gov’t says no wind farm in East End

Citing the potential loss of funding for the planned Doppler radar station in East End if it did not move forward with the project, the Cayman Islands government announced Thursday that it was scrapping proposals for a wind farm in that area. 

The Ministry of District Administration released a lengthy statement Friday about the proposed alternative energy investment. Below is the full text of the statement:  

“Despite the clear need for identifying and developing alternative energy sources, the Ministry of District Administration, Works, Lands and Agriculture fully support the placement of the Doppler radar on part of the former Wilderness Farm in East End.

“This site was identified by a team of experts from the Caribbean Meteorological Organisation as the most suitable for the optimal functioning of the radar. They looked at accessibility, power supply in the area, elevation and the fact that the site was inland, protected from sea spray.

“Proposals have been received to establish a wind farm in the same area, however national and regional safety concerns make the choice for the Doppler equipment site inevitable.

“Presently the Cayman Islands finds itself in a ‘black hole’ of weather information – a precarious situation given the fact that our Islands’ location puts us in a hurricane convergence zone. As such Cayman is considered to be at higher risk of hurricanes than any other island in the region.

“The serious need for local radar was demonstrated by such storms as Gilbert (1988), Mitch (1998), Ivan (2004) and Paloma (2008). These systems all took us by surprise in one form or another due to the lack of localised weather information.

“The Doppler radar will give our National Weather Service more accurate, timely and real-time information, enabling the population to better prepare for severe weather systems. The Doppler capabilities will further allow forecasters to more accurately warn of hazards such as wind shear problems which are hazardous to landing and departing aircraft.

“In addition, the station will serve the entire Caribbean, filling a gap in the recently implemented regional radar network coverage. This network consists of Doppler radar stations in Belize, Barbados, Guyana and Trinidad and Tobago. This coverage from the Cayman Islands therefore will serve to strengthen regional weather data as well as boost our early warning system

“Supporting the Doppler radar project unreservedly is not a move against alternative energy. It is seeing through a vital project that has been in the works for almost a decade. The need for this equipment has been well-documented and researched.

“Furthermore, securing the necessary funding from the European Union took years of advocating for this important resource. If this opportunity is not utilised at this time, then there is every chance that the necessary funding will be withdrawn.

“The Ministry believes it is in the long-term national interest to see this project to fruition in its intended location.”


  1. It is important to note that this decision prevents wind energy from being developed in Grand Cayman. I find this decision to be very strange given the arguments of this administration over the years with respect to energy cost. Both projects would have provided substantial capital investment but only one provides economic relief and a reduction in fossil fuels usage for the residents of Grand Cayman. Cayman Brac and Little Cayman remain wind energy options.

  2. I don’t care about government’s decision… all I want to know is WHO WILL COMPETE WITH CUC???

    Time is overdue! We need to do something about this monopoly that whenever at their convenience, they jack up cost!

  3. Here is another proof that this government don’t care about the environment.I prefer to save the environment and money on my electricity bill, than to install a Doppler Radar that tell us the speed of the wind big deal( we can get this info from the weather channel)

  4. The government’s decision to scrap the wind mills has absolutely nothing to do with what is good for Cayman. It has everything to do with lining pockets of people who continue to keep CUC as the only power source on the island, who can raise rates at will and charge whatever they want. You don’t like it — they cut off your power. This absolutely reeks of corruption.

  5. Corruption. LOL

    settle down, stop drinking the bong water. "corruption" Rolls eyes.
    i am more than sure no "government" officials are getting "bribes" from CUC.

    But the truth of the matter is this. How do you build a building. It takes manpower and …*wait for it…"electricity".

    Sure, the best idea the government had was a few years back, and thier idea was putting "mini nukes" on the island. Only 40 feet, high, you have to bury it half way up, so you could easily hide them out on east end, and no one would be the wiser. And they are safe.

    The problem is. As soon as the government drops shovel on that project. Guess what CUC will do. Yup, pack up, and go home. Now an entire island is without electricity until those mini nukes can be built. How long can you go without electricity. Expecially at government building speeds 8)

    you get it now? It’s called, CUC has the island hostage, and there isn’t a darn thing government can do.

    It has nothing to do with "corruption" on the governments part, at all.

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