Editorial for October 19: Keep watching weather

The 2010 Atlantic Hurricane Season has another six weeks or so to run and we want to take this opportunity to remind all readers not to let their guard down.

As of this writing, we weren’t quite sure what would happen regarding the weather disturbance that formed over the weekend in the southwestern Caribbean, but we wanted to be prepared.

A few of the more reliable storm modelling data that we use at the Caymanian Compass suggested a tropical depression could form in the region as early as today.

One model used by the US Navy predicted that the storm would move from its current position north of Panama toward the Cayman Islands.

Other tracks had the disturbance going west over Central America, bringing heavy rains. Still others didn’t develop the system into anything other than rain clouds.

Our point in writing this is not to sound like alarmists. Just the opposite; we want people to be informed as early as possible that the potential for tropical weather exists so there isn’t any need for alarm. When the time comes, we’ll be prepared.

There is a tendency in areas effected by hurricanes to relax when the calendar gets into late October.

We need only to remember Hurricane Paloma of 2008 – which arrived on 8 November – for a reminder that late-season storms, while rare, do occur in the Caribbean. Frequently, those storms are less predictable than those which move across from the Atlantic earlier in the year.

So everyone, check your hurricane supplies, review your plan. It’s still hurricane season until 30 November.

Don’t get caught off guard.

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