KPMG supports Haiti, Pakistan

KPMG’s staff has raised more than
US$25,000 for those affected by the earthquake in Haiti and the flooding in

After the earthquake in Haiti in
January, KPMG’s staff and partners in the Cayman Islands contributed to KPMG’s
global humanitarian effort by raising US$20,000 at a fundraiser. In total, KPMG
people worldwide raised US$2.7 million, including US$500,000 donated by KPMG

When disaster struck Pakistan,
members of KPMG’s community committee organised a raffle which raised over
US$5,600. In addition to the Cayman practice support, KPMG International
Cooperative agreed to donate US$250,000.

“I’m pretty humbled by the
fantastic response of our people to these global crises” said Kris Beighton,
Partner and Head of KPMG’s community programme.

“The amounts raised far surpassed
my expectations and really underscores the passion our people have to support
one of KPMG’s core values which is our commitment to our communities,” he

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