Premier supports Seymour in obstruction case

Premier McKeeva Bush issued a brief statement this week in support of United Democratic Party back bench MLA Dwayne Seymour, who is facing criminal charges. 

Mr. Seymour, 41, was charged last week in connection with an incident at a Seven Mile Beach hotel that involved a fight between three men, one of whom was the MLA. The charge was listed as attempting to obstruct, prevent, pervert or defeat the course of justice.  

Premier Bush released the following statement in support of Mr. Seymour, a Bodden Town MLA, on Tuesday morning: 
“On behalf of the elected Government, we wish to express publicly, our moral support for our back bench colleague Mr. Dwayne Seymour during this difficult time. 

“As a government and as Caymanians first and foremost, we understand the many challenges that must be faced, both internally and externally to build and to keep a family together, and as Caymanians we understand and empathise with the pain that is endured when someone, against God and against all social and ethical obligations, interferes with that sacrosanct relationship. 

“It is in the appreciation of the circumstance and of those considerations that we publicly voice today our continued support and confidence for our colleague and friend Mr. Dwayne Seymour.” 

Mr. Seymour is due to appear in court on 9 November to answer the charges.  

The Bodden Town MLA provided a brief recorded statement to local television station Cayman 27 last week in which he said he was “completely unaware” of the circumstances described in the charges. 

The statement was not provided to the Compass, which first broke the story about Mr. Seymour being charged on Mr. Seymour was contacted for comment but declined to speak about the case.

The incident Mr. Seymour was charged in was initially reported to police as an assault at the Grand Cayman Beach Suites on Saturday night, 1 May.

Following the reported fight, one man was released immediately by police and the other two were released on police bail after the incident.

Two men were hurt in the fight and were treated at the Cayman Islands Hospital for minor injuries.

At the time, police did not identify Mr. Seymour as being among those arrested, but the United Democratic Party confirmed that the MLA had been arrested.

Premier Bush’s comments about “someone…interfering with a sacrosanct relationship” were not explained further.
According to the Cayman Islands Constitution, anyone who has served a prison sentence exceeding 12 months – in any country – or who has been convicted by any court in any country of an offence involving dishonesty is not qualified to be an elected member of the Legislative Assembly.

Under the Constitution, no account is taken for a prison sentence imposed as an alternative or in default of payment of a fine
upon conviction.

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