Sammy won’t lift West Indies

Ron’s Rant

The West Indies lurch from one
self-inflicted crisis to another and by sacking Chris Gayle and appointing
Daren Sammy they just continue to wallow in their own mess. Sammy is only 26
and unproven at top level. He has only played eight Tests for a low average of
19.4 and his overall record at international level is poor. Talented
all-rounder he may be but he neither deserves the chance or is capable of
making a success of a job that demands every sinew of an established player’s
will and ability to make even a fist of it. Like the Liverpool and England
football manager’s job, the West Indies captaincy has reached poisoned chalice

Having Gayle still in the side to
tour Sri Lanka makes sense – as long as he doesn’t undermine Sammy’s
appointment. Making Gayle captain three years ago seemed a nutty choice anyway
because he evidently had a belligerent nature. This is the player who resented
having to adhere to a curfew on a tour of England and publicly questioned why
it was wrong to party until the early hours on the eve of taking on England.

To have lasted three years as
skipper reflects the appalling depths the West Indies have fallen to because
Gayle has been at loggerheads with the West Indies Cricket Board throughout.
The board have made many diabolical decisions over the past 20 years which is
why the once mighty Windies are now joke figures in world cricket and
over-promoting Sammy is another lamentable decision.

Ousting Dwayne Bravo as
vice-captain for Brendan Nash was a necessity, for like Gayle, he too did not
sign a retainer contract but Nash is not really seen as a Jamaican but an
interloper who when he realised he wasn’t good enough to play for Australia
used his Jamaican naturalisation right to jump ship.

So what have the long-suffering
West Indies fans got to look forward to? More misery, unfortunately. At least
they have a newcomer who with a bit of luck and the right nurturing could
become a world force: spinner Shane Shillingford from Dominica, my distant
relative. Now he’s bound to be a class act!  

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