Man robbed outside home

George Town detectives are investigating a robbery which took place in Mahogany Way around 12.40am Thursday.

The victim was entering his home around that time when police said he was suddenly confronted by two masked men. One of the suspects pushed the man to the ground, demanded cash and struck him with a machete.

Police said both men then forced their way into their victim’s home before making off with a quantity of cash and jewellery.

The first suspect was described as 5’8” with a dark complexion, medium build, wearing a white cloth over his face. He
was carrying a machete and had a Caymanian accent, according to police. The second suspect was 6′ tall, slim build with a mask over his face. He was wearing dark jeans and a light-coloured shirt. He also carried a machete. He spoke with a Jamaican accent, police said.

The victim did not require any medical attention following the incident.

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