Two arrested in police chase

A police chase through George Town
Tuesday morning ended with two arrests after the suspects fought with Royal Cayman Islands
Police Service officers. 

At about 10.35am Tuesday, officers on patrol duty saw a vehicle traveling
along Aspiration Drive
in a dangerous manner, overtaking traffic and speeding.

Police said they tried to stop the vehicle, but the driver – who was previously
disqualified from operating a vehicle – failed to stop.

A short pursuit ensued and the driver turned into the parking lot of the Family Life
Center where he and his
passenger got out of the vehicle and ran.

Officers tracked both men down and arrested them after a struggle during
which one officer hurt his right hand. The officer was treated at hospital and

Both men, aged 26 and 34, were arrested for
various traffic offences including; driving while disqualified, possession of
ganja, and assaulting police.


  1. Hopefully they will be charged and sentenced accordingly!! They could have cost other people their lives with such a silly split-second decision to run from the police.

  2. I never understand that if you have no license and have an illegal substance, then wouldn’t you try to lay low so as to not get caught. There is more than ganga to this story.

  3. Dumb, drugged and stupid is no way to go through life, son.

    But I am willing to bet, that there are alot more drivers out there, driving without insurance. I would put the number as high as 20%. Maybe even more.

  4. Lets prioritise. First build a large prison, staff it with experienced correctional officers.
    A novel idea would have the police take a hard line with the help of Margaret – the only Judge with (expletive) – and start sentencing scum like this. Show our indigenous low-life that there is a punishment to fit their crimes.Murderers, thieves and rapists should realise that the Cayman Islands is a tough, no nonsense jurisdiction.
    Right now we are Jamaica’s apprentice and the baddies are smiling..

  5. Cayman needs to have a contract with the jamaican jails to send our criminals there. That would be an incentive to stop the crime! No more 3 meals a day off a menu, TV, cell phones and whatever else you fancy at hotel northwood.

  6. Sorry Taff but your comments started out as being rational but you saw fit to blame someone else. I am not Jamaican. I also have it on very reliable information that 80% of inmates are locals.So let it go.
    As for the crime, let the punishment fit the crime and lets live and let live. These people who are criminals by trade will always be that.A few are brought back into society. This story is not an isolated incident for these individuals it would appear. The law will deal with them appropriately as unfair as we may see it sometimes.

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