Annie’s Salon offers 
vocational training

George Town MLA Ellio Solomon and Education Minister Rolston Angling recently visited Annie’s Beauty Salon to support its vocational training, as it is among the first institutions in Cayman to offer formal training in cosmetology.

The salon provides women with a certificate in the basics of hair relaxing, perms, nails, shampooing, makeup and other popular treatments. Currently there are 22 Caymanian students attending the course, including eight are from the Frances Bodden Girls Home.

Mr. Solomon and Mr. Anglin were on hand to show their support for the programme and solidarity with the young women in their quest for knowledge and skills that will no doubt empower them, according the school’s director, Annie Logan.

Government has also sponsored tuition for 10 of the girls.

Courses at the school run from 9am until 4pm weekdays for six months, with two additional months for those who may need extra attention. There is also a night course, which runs from 5.30-7.30pm for one year for those who work during the day. The young women must complete 1,000 hours of practical work and theory in order to receive their certificates. Mrs. Logan, commenting on the philosophy of the school, said: “It has long been a goal of mine to help to empower young women to be independent and forge out meaningful lives for themselves. All of the students at the school are Caymanians and will be able to offer something to the community upon completion of the course.

“After six months, we place each girl with a salon and they are then able to develop and practice what they have learned. Their success means everything to the Islands at this point in time, when businesses are looking to hire locally, with the rising costs of permits and fees.”

Annie’s Beauty Salon has been operating in the Cayman Islands since 1987.

Mr. Anglin said, “It is time for a new approach and instead of building institutions, what is more practical is to facilitate programmes. It’s not about building vocational institutions, just quality programmes run by experts in the areas of interest. That is the way things have to be done now. 
“We will be doing a lot of partnering with the private sector in this regard. It’s all about skills today for jobs tomorrow for our young people.”

He added that any time the government could assist in such a way, it is a step in the right direction.


  1. Excellent idea, but this misses the mark completely. How many jobs are there in the cosmetology industry? They are guaranteeing 10 jobs in the current year to those involved in the program, which is awesome for those 10 people. But, how many jobs are in the cosmetology industry in Cayman? How sustainable is this program? This is a feel good story, but how beneficial is this actually going to be?

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