Two attacked in BT home invasion

Two elderly Bodden Town residents were attacked during a home invasion incident Saturday night, according to the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service. 

At about 11.40pm Saturday, two armed and masked men entered a home in Bodden Town where they demanded money.

Police said the men received no money and proceeded to assault the two occupants of the home. They later fled the scene.

“The victims were repeatedly assaulted after demands for money were not met,” read a statement from the RCIPS.

Both assault victims were transported to the Cayman Islands hospital where they were treated for minor injuries.

Police said it was believed that no weapons were used in the actual attack.

If anyone has any information on this incident, please contact Crime Stoppers at 800-TIPS (8477) or Bodden Town Police Station at 947-2220.


  1. Things are going from bad to worse, why aren’t this Government addressing this crime problem, In reading the latest address to the country, the premiere, mentioned very little if anything on their plan to combat crime, it is very shocking to hear of the elderly being attacked in their homes, and having to defend themselves against these kind of people. Is this the thanks they get for helping building this country, we are suppose to protect and respect the elderly, so this government needs to do that, whatever way they can, no one, let alone a elderly person should feel unsafe in their own home, that is not a Cayman way of life. In listening and reading what is going on in Legislative Assembly, none of the leaders seem to know who is running the country, it does not matter who is running things, we have a major problem, and it is the people that are suffering daily, and when children, and the elderly are dying and being hurt, we have to take the bull by the horns, what will it be like in five years, a country living behind metal bars? Crime should be the main priority now in Cayman, otherwise soon it will be too late, wake up Cayman, wake up leaders, our ancestors did not want us to inherit a violent place like we have today, but one of peace and prosperity, and they did all they could to pave the way for our success today, we just cant stand by and hope this away, all and everyone has to play a part, doing nothing will only make things worse in the long run

  2. ‘Home invasion incident’ – this phrase makes it sound like a few harmless insects or somesuch: why is it not described simply and accurately, e.g. "armed burglary with violence"?

  3. No weapons were used?

    Their fists, foot or hands were used as WEAPONS of terror against this elderly couple. A crime of this nature is a crime of violence, and an assault on individuals, whether using weapons or not. Crimes against the elderly must carry higher penalties that others.

  4. If you want to make money in cayman, invests in a weilding shop and make burglar bars. That business is going to boom in the comimg years. crime is out of control

  5. Big sign on the doors, ‘HOME PROTECTED BY SMITH & WESSON’. Result no more home invasions. Mark my words, illegal firearm sales to the law-abiding public is coming to a neighborhood near you in 2011. It is better to beg forgiveness than to ask permission.

  6. Ive always hoped it would never come to this but it has.

    British law allows for the possession of shotguns and non ballistic weapons in the home and with proper training, these get the job done just fine.

    There was realistic martial arts and combat training available in Cayman in recent years as well but it was frowned upon; its no longer available now.

    No one is kicking in my door, thats for sure.

    People need to do whatever they need to do.

    Better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6.

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